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If not, you need to add pay as you go credit to your Oyster card or buy an extension ticket. And does it include buses? The savings on them are quite decent, especially the longer-term ones. London Travelcard Zones 1-6 – add a London Travelcard to get around the capital by Underground, Overground, Bus, DLR, TfL Rail and Tram; Season car park – if you drive and park at your local station, buy a season car park permit. You can also use your Travelcard to get discounted fares on the Emirates Air Line and a third off River Boat fares on selected services. Depending on where it is purchased, and the … You can travel as much as you like at any time with a Travelcard. RB6. Back to top. Thank you Ray. Weekly Standard. Group travelcards: Groups can get cheaper fares by buying a Group Day Travelcard from the TFL website. Not if you're an adult, no. Family travelcards: There used to be something called a Family travelcard in the past, but not anymore. If your Travelcard is valid in Zones 3, 4, 5 or 6, you can use it on all trams. Single bus fares for children . JohnP Thanks for explaining. A zone 2-9 travelcard won't get you from Ealing Broadway to Leytonstone on the central line, because that journey goes straight through zone 1, so you'll need a zone 1-9 instead (actually, you only really need a 1-3 for that journey, unless you've got some other plans out to zone 9 that you haven't mentioned). Most people living in London will have an Oyster card, as Oyster fares are substantially cheaper than buying paper tickets for single journeys. Craig Hi Cozzieanna. If you are buying a monthly travelcard for travel in London – this is not possible on contactless and there is no monthly capping; There are no doubt some more situations where an Oyster card or travelcard might be cheaper than contactless. Craig Hi Diane. You can use your Travelcard to get 1/3 off River Boat fares on some services. Craig Hi Luis. If you already have a Point-to-point Travelcard and would like to renew it, you can do so by calling SBB Contact Center on 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.) Valid to: Thu 04 Feb 2021 Craig You'll have to get a zone 1-6 travelcard for Heathrow, but you'll probably only be travelling through zones 3-6 on the first and last day. Craig Hi Harmeen. Benefits Simple: Once you have your London Travelcard, you get unlimited travel for a full day or week. Zone. You won’t save much compared to buying 4 x weekly Travelcards – but you’ll save time renewing it. Craig Hi John. When buying a 24 hour Travelcard, you can choose a Day Anytime, which can be used at any time of the day and is valid until 4:30 am the next day.Or you can get the Day Off-Peak, which only allows you to take public transport after 9:30 am and is also valid until the next day at 4:30 am. Your Travelcard will be date stamped for the dates you wish to use it — so once you’ve received your Travelcard by post — it’s ready for use as soon as you arrive in London! Buying a weekly travelcard for zones 1-6 would be a waste of money when you’re only making one trip into zone 6. Can I use my London Travelcard to get the Tube from Heathrow to London or from London to Heathrow? The cost of a Travelcard will vary depending on the length of time it is valid for and which zones you are travelling between. One day travelcards: One day travelcards for the buses/trains can be ordered from the TFL website. You can get adult and child-rate Travelcards - photo ID is not required. On Tube, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail and National Rail services in London: Peak fares - Monday to Friday (not on public holidays) between 06:30 and 09:30, and between 16:00 and 19:00; Off-peak fares - at all other times and if you travel from a station outside Zone 1 to a station in Zone 1 between 16:00 and 19:00, Monday to Friday It is not possible to load a travelcard onto a contactless card or Visitor Oyster card. Weekly and Monthly Travelcards are available for zones excluding zone 1 (central London). Woolwich Ferry. Off Peak Day Price. You can travel at any time during the weekend. Fares. That won't be valid. Ie. You can just have the travelcard on your Oyster card if you want. If not booked in advance online, these subscriptions are loaded directly onto the Oyster Card, comfortably via the ticket machines at each London underground station. Craig Hi Awi. A Full Guide to London Tube Covering Lines, Zones, Maps, Tickets, Fares and App. We arrive and depart through Heathrow, and we're staying near Holland Park/Kensington, so I THINK the 7 Day travelcard is what we should use, but I'm not sure. So you’re better off buying a travelcard for zones 1-2 and then loading some extra pay-as-you-go credit on it to cover that single journey. This card is valid for one-month from the date of purchase. If you have an Oyster travelcard then you can just touch it against the big round yellow reader as normal. Thanks. London Travelcards are valid for either one day, two days, three days or seven days, … No. Thank you! Weekly. Lafont If I have a travelcard on my Oyster card for zones 1 and 2, and I want to visit Hampton Court, how to proceed. Imagine that you’re travelling around zones 1-2 for a week, but you need to make a single journey into zone 6 for Heathrow airport. No, sightseeing tour buses have got nothing to do with normal buses, so you'll have to buy a ticket from them. 95% of tourists will just require a card that covers zones 1-2 (which encompasses the touristy bit), but some tourists might prefer to buy a zone 1-6 travelcard if they’re flying into Heathrow airport. For example, if you have a zone 2-3 weekly of monthly Travelcard you can use it on buses in zone 1 (central London). Prices for pay as you go, caps and Travelcards when you travel on Tube and rail. CC Hi, I want to know if I buy the one day card does it means it lasts 24 hrs? Gives you unlimited travel on London transport. Where to eat on a budget in London. Don't buy it from the underground station because then it will be a TFL ticket. If you get an Oyster card it will still do zones 3-6 okay, but won't charge you so much on the other five days. You can also travel before 04:30 on the day after the expiry date. For example, I want to buy the paper travelcard at London Paddington Station on July 1st and I would like to start using it on July 6th. Travelcard season tickets. If you are … How does it work? All children aged 10 and under travel for free on London buses. You can either get a 24 hour or 7-day Travelcard.Residents can also get monthly or annual Travelcards. London underground travelcard . If the Travelcard you need is not available, you can buy a Travelcard when you get to London. The Travelcard is an inter-modal travel ticket for unlimited use on the London Underground, London Overground, TfL Rail, Docklands Light Railway, Tramlink, London Buses and National Rail services in the Greater London area. 1-day travelcards are always more expensive than the daily cap on Oyster and contactless cards. Paying the child full-fare. But the only real way of knowing which one is cheaper is to work out which zones you're travelling through each day. The gate won’t open until you remove your travelcard from this slot. If you have a paper travelcard then just show it to the driver or the conductor. When you tap it down on the gate the computer will recognise that the travelcard already covers zones 1&2 and just use the credit for the extra bit. If you want to buy a weekly or monthly travelcard then you can choose combination of zones from 1 up to 9. JohnP My sister and I are coming to London for a week of museums and galleries. And the other good thing about Oyster cards is that you can get a refund for any money you don't use. Transfers from airports. London Trams services, where the Travelcard is valid for travel in Zone 3, 4, 5 or 6 or any combination of these zones. Option Order (for 12 months) Order (for 1 month) Point-to-point season tickets adults, young adult and children order online: order online: Please note that for routes above a certain distance, it would be better to buy a GA Travelcard. As many as you like. A London Travelcard is a paper ticket that lets you travel as much as you like for 1 or 7 days. Caps and Travelcard prices. Annual Travelcards give you 12 months travel for the price of ten and a half. See all . Day Anytime Day Off-peak 7 Day. Caps and Travelcard prices. Buy the best ticket for your visit. Emirates Air Line fares. Thames river trips, sightseeing tours, walking tours and more. Elle Hi, With weekly travelcards, do I need to get an identity card to go with it? If you buy a travelcard that includes the trains then you’ll also have to decide how many zones you want it to cover. Cozzieanne. Leanne Hi there, I am travelling to London with 3 children aged 8, 10 & 11 and will need a travelcard that will cover us all. Travel around London quickly and easily with the London Travelcard, a paper ticket that’s valid on all public transport in the city. Adult Zones 1-2. Choose from a selection of cards, depending on your commuting needs, with a variety of options to travel between specific zones in the massive network. You buy it for a particular date. You cannot use your Travelcard on the Heathrow Express train as the group are not part of the Transport for London network. Prices for pay as you go, caps and Travelcards when you travel on Tube and rail. Anytime means exactly what it says: you can travel at any time. London Travelcard prices start at £8.90 for zones 1-6 Off Peak Travelcard and can be purchased as an add on to many rail journeys. You can travel from 09:30 (Monday to Friday), anytime on weekends or bank holidays for the date on the ticket and for journeys starting before 04:30 the next day. Thank you!! £12.70. RB2. Just show your season ticket to the driver when you get on participating bus operators’ services. If you're starting your journey from within the Network South East area ( see map with London Zones - opens in a new window ), you'll often be able to get a Travelcard included within the train ticket, for a much better price than buying it separately. (So if it expires on the 10th, you can actually travel up to 4.30 AM on the 11th.). You can use your Travelcard to get discounts off fares for the Emirates Air Line. You can get unlimited travel in one day with a Day Travelcard (paper ticket): You can get unlimited travel with a Group Day Travelcard (paper ticket) if you're a group of ten or more travelling together. Visitor Oyster card. Or can I tell the counter staff which day I would like to start to use the travelcard? The savings on them are quite decent, especially the longer-term ones. Tickets for Switzerland and Europe, travelpasses, GA, Half-Fare and seven25 travelcards and many more: buy online and on your mobile. Travelcards valid for any zone can be used to ride the buses all over London. Buy it upstairs from the National Rail windows, and make sure they give you a paper ticket rather than putting it on an Oyster card, because that won't be valid either. But whether it’s cheaper of not, a lot of tourists will still prefer a travelcard over an Oyster card because they’re easier to understand. Weekly travelcards have a start date on them (which you choose when you buy it), and you can only use them for seven consecutive days. Plus, you’ll get unlimited travel around your origin or destination station, including evenings … All Information you Need to Make your Journey Easier. Plan a journey and favourite it for quick access in the future, Choose postcodes, stations and places for quick journey planning, How to pay and where to buy tickets and Oyster, Where to buy Travelcards and group tickets, Overlapping Travelcard or Bus & Tram Pass, London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority, Anytime Day Travelcards: use for the date on the ticket and for journeys starting before 04:30 the next day, Off-peak Day Travelcards: use from 09:30 (Monday to Friday), anytime on weekends or bank holidays for the date on the ticket and for journeys starting before 04:30 the next day. They cannot be ordered from the TFL website because you need to provide them with a passport-style photograph as well. Leanne Thank you very much, that's very helpful. River fares . Pay as you go Travelcards. Cathy If I buy a weekly travelcard from a train station, will the start day to use to card be the day I buy it? ... You can use a monthly Travel Card. Tube and rail fares. Opt for adding a Travelcard to your c2c journey and you’ll enjoy unlimited use of the London Underground, London Overground and almost all National Rail services in Greater London. Prices for pay as you go and tickets when you travel on River services. It is not possible to buy a dateless card. Top up online, see your journey and payment history and apply for refunds. And you can use it on the bus as well. Harmeen I just want to know that if I opt for a weekly travelcard for Zone 1 and 2, how many trips am I allowed in a week? So if you buy a train travelcard for zones 1-2, for example, it will only let you ride the trains in zones 1-2, but it will let you ride the buses all the way out to zone 6. Monthly and annual travelcards: Monthly and yearly travelcards can only be bought from a train station, a London Travel Information Centre, or an Oyster Ticket Stop. Adult rate prices: All Tube, DLR, London Overground and TfL Rail services and National Rail services in Z1-9. LONDON TRAVELCARD PRICES (prices are controlled by TFL and subject to change) LONDON TRAVELCARD PRICES. Thanks for your help. That’s not all; you can also hop on and off scheduled London buses, the Tramlink system in South London and the DLR. Make sure it covers all the zones you travel through. Travel as much as you want during your visit to London with the London Travelcard, which gives you unlimited access to London's public transport network, including the underground, buses, trams, and the DLR. They are issued as paper tickets from the Visitor Shop. You can see that fare here -​transport/​adult-train-fares.php. You can use a Travelcard in the zones it's valid for. Monthly and annual travelcards: Monthly and yearly travelcards can only be bought from a train station, a London Travel Information Centre, or an Oyster Ticket Stop. Oyster cards 'might' be better because they don't have a date on them, they can be used in all the zones, and they cap the maximum price you can spend each day (regardless of how many journeys you take). Covers Travelcards and Cap fares for Tube, DLR, London Overground, TfL Rail and most National Rail services.

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